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The moovalign difference

moovalign is a human-to-human company, comprised of dedicated service-oriented professionals who support you throughout the entire treatment process and beyond. Our client relationships are based on long-term trust and personalized care.

We'll make you smile

moovaligners give you a clear advantage

We’re ‘touching smiles’ by transforming patient’s most personal expression of joy, their smile, using advanced orthodontic teeth movement processes designed to promote better outcomes, in less time, at affordable prices.

materials &

comfort in
the mouth

Removable for
eating and

Fewer visits
to the
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What are moovaligners?

Convenient, comfortable and barely there

Teeth straightening is not a DIY project!
Your smile deserves the skills of a trained dental professional who understands facial structures, jaw balancing and proper teeth positioning in order to plan, monitor and adjust your treatment for beautiful, long-lasting results.


moovaligners are an innovative
orthodontic system that allows patients
to forgo the esthetic issues, poor
hygiene and extended
treatment times associated
with traditional braces.


moovaligners create a gradual guided movement of the teeth via a series of custom-made transparent medical-grade polymer sleeves, fitted over the teeth in stages. They are fully removable for easy eating and brushing.


Millions of people of all ages around
the world have benefited from this
method of teeth straightening.
Consult your dental practitioner
to find out if moovaligners are
right for you.

So, how does it work?

Simple steps to success


Evaluation visit

Schedule an appointment with a dentist or orthodontist to determine your dental alignment problem and the cause. Impressions of the teeth are made along with digital images to create 3D models of your mouth for precise measurements.


Treatment plan

The images of your mouth are used to design your moovaligners treatment plan and visualize the final results. With doctor approval, the data goes to the moovalign dental lab to produce your customized moovaligner trays and accessories.


Fitting & instruction

When the moovaligners are ready, you’ll see the dentist again for a fitting and to learn how to use and care for your new moovaligners. Our App makes it easy to track your treatment progress and stay on schedule for great results as fast as possible.

Making a difference to doctors

Helping to expand your options

Serving your needs

Today, dentists as well as orthodontists are introducing new technology into their practice in order to stay competitive, broaden their client base and increase profits. This is where moovalign fits in, with advanced design solutions and streamlined processing, we can offer top quality products and quicker turnaround times at attractive prices.

Always accessible

You receive timely solutions and seamless access at every stage of the moovalign process; from planning to delivery. Collaboration is in our DNA and we will always be available to consult with you on any issue, big or small, that is of interest to you or your patients.

expert refinement

Exclusive rapid
tooth movement

Customer care
and personalized

quality at
affordable prices

Let the magic happen

Our job is to make your dream a reality

What patients want to know

Not all clear aligners are created equal…

Established experts: The moovalign teeth straightening system not only looks great, it’s also highly effective and incredibly efficient. In fact, we’ve been engineering moovaligners and accessories since 2005, and that gives us a clear advantage.

First class quality: Our R&D and production processes are second to none, building on high-level expertise and a vast dental technology knowledge-base. Over time, we’ve steadily refined and improved our designs, into becoming the advanced moovalign system of today.

Faster treatment: We’ve implemented design improvements that not only impact product quality, but also speed up the treatment process. In many cases, the average adult can significantly cut treatment time by choosing moovaligners over traditional braces, or even over other clear aligner brands.

Our caring attitude: moovalign is known for amazing customer support and high quality service to orthodontists and dentists. And that’s where you, the patient, ultimately benefits. From the initial plan to the final results, we pledge our complete care and attention, because a happy, satisfied patient is why we’re in business.